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An unknown force has shattered the Earth, sending large parts of the crust drifting into space. Years after the apocalypse, settlements have formed on the scattered remnants of the planet and society has stabilized. As the leader of a merchant caravan, you travel between communities trading in vital resources. Learn the most profitable trade routes while braving the unforeseeable dangers of the road. Help out those in need and your reputation will grow. Others will respond with better prices and a willingness to divulge information. Gather stories and form relationships with your travelling companions. Explore and acquire knowledge to decipher the truths behind Earth’s fragmentation.

Credits to our awesome team!

Aaron Ramos-Lazette, Alexander Reyes, Cailyn Edwards,
David Neudorf, Keegan Koch, Kyle Knobloch, Sean Hodges, 
Wilson Hodgson Hoffmeyer, and Zachary Zucco


Split Ends (Windows).zip 880 MB
Split Ends (Mac).zip 886 MB

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